Debutantes invited to nominate for Civic Ball

Published on 09 May 2019


There are still eight places available for young ladies wishing to make their debut at the annual Civic Ball.

The Ball will be held at the Civic Centre on August 30, and will be hosted by Mayor Darriea Turley.

The event format allows for between six to twelve debutantes to take part on the night.

Although the number of debutantes fluctuates each year, Mayor Darriea Turley said the format ensured the Ball is always a memorable night for participants.

"With a small number of participants there is obviously going to more focus and attention on each of the individual debutantes and their partners, which is always a special feeling," said Mayor Turley.

"However when you have a year with lots of debutantes it naturally makes the whole event larger through debutantes family and friends attending, and gives it an even bigger celebratory atmosphere."

"We're expecting it to be a wonderful night, and invite any young ladies contemplating making their debut to contact our Events team at Council."

Willyama's Paige Berryman made her debut at last year's Civic Ball, and said the night added a memorable chapter in her family's history.

"My Mum did her deb and my Nan had photos of it up around her house; which I think was a big influence for me," she said.

"It was something I always wanted to do... I think it's very traditional to Broken Hill.

"I (enjoyed) the dancing, the dance practice was fun, learning the dances and then being able to perform them."

Those wishing to nominate for the Civic Ball can contact Council's Events team at or phone Civic Ball Coordinator Shannan Botten on 8080 3322.

“We tend to get a lot of nominations in the final week before they close, but we’d encourage prospective debutantes to nominate early to secure their debut, and allow staff to begin preliminary event preparations,” said Mayor Turley.

Nominations close on May 24, with a meeting between parents, debutantes and Events staff to be held in the week commencing May 27.