Rat Queens

The group of four females known as the Rat Queens in a battle stance with an orc, speech bubble

Rat Queens was read and reviewed by Fallon, one of the library team.

Are you looking for a comic with strong sassy female characters? Then the Rat Queens written by Kurtis Wiebe, with art by Roc Upchurch has you covered; though disclaimer, this isn’t a comic for younger people, which is evident within the first few pages.

With that aside, the Rat Queens consists of Betty the hippy Smidgen, Dee the Atheist human Cleric, Hannah the rockabilly Elven Mage and Violet a hipster Dwarven fighter, who are a diverse group of battle hardy women who don’t balk at getting their hands dirty. They’re often found in battle, wielding sword, wit and magic for honour and gold.

When the battle is over, what’s life like? Well it starts with a crackin’ party, where they often get into more trouble with the town mayor, resulting in more hijinks!

But there is more to life in the little town of Palisade then fighting and drinking, with the Rat Queens making time for romantic relationships, which are at various stages and are all unique, one charming suitor even has healing bluebirds living in his beard.

Rat Queens while a fantasy genre, is quite representative in terms of realistic body image portrayal, and various beliefs, race, and sexualities. Credit to the author, within the first two small volumes the characters are quite well developed with complex family histories and relationships revealed, and long-standing traditions rejected.

There is some disjointedness between storylines in a few spots. Overall, the comic series is enjoyable, dark, comedic, and has been likened to a blend of Dungeons and Dragons, Buffy, Tank Girl and the Lord of the Rings.

Volume one and two are available to borrow in print format at the library.