A discovery of witches

Discovery of Witches book cover and main characters of Foxtel mini-series

Book review by Fiona, one of the library team.

The Discovery of Witches is the first book in a trilogy, it is based in our world with locations and events that we can recognise and look up, but humans are not alone.  Along with humans there are witches, vampires and daemons – humans who waiver between genius and madness, highly creative and intelligent.  While daemons, witches and vampires have a long history and a council that rule, relationships between species is forbidden and few humans know that they are not alone. The All Souls trilogy takes you through different countries and well-known locations with descriptions bringing them to life before your eyes.

The main character, Diana Bishop, comes from a long line of witches.  However, when her parents died, she turned her back on magic, determined to live her life as a human, never using the limited magic that she has.  The story opens with Diana researching old alchemy manuscripts in the Bodleian Library when she calls up a text known as Ashmole 782, a manuscript that has a history, a manuscript that others have tried to view but has remained hidden to others who sought it out.

But the universe has bigger plans for her.

This is more than just a journey of self-discovery and acceptance of self.  It is a journey through different cultures, history, loss, family and growth.  A story that shows you no matter how much we fight, who we are and where our life journey is going, life will through curve balls at us that can take you in directions that you never expected.  The characters will draw you in, make you love some of them, hate others and want to read faster so that you can find out what happens to them.

It has been a while since I devoured the trilogy, but even now it still calls to me and I have to admit that I will probably end up re-reading it again soon.  A side note, the first book in this series has been made into a series that was shown on Foxtel, with talk that the other two books will also be adapted.

Available as a printed book at the library.