Development applications

Broken Hill City Council is the regulatory body in relation to building and development works within the Local Government Area.

Building and development applications are a combined application called a Development Application. Building works, such as the erection of a new building, extensions/alterations to an existing building, demolition etc. and developments such as the subdivision of land, change of use of a building, erection of advertising signage, use of land for industrial, commercial, home occupation, consulting rooms etc. will typically require Council's development consent.

In some instances, certain types of development and building works will not require the submission of a Development Application. State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt & Complying Development Codes) 2008, lists the types of developments which may be exempted or complying.


Exempt Development is development which has been identified as not requiring the lodgement of an application with Council. Such developments may include minor building works, such as garden sheds, pergolas etc. These developments are limited in size and are the subject of conditions. Before erecting such structures, enquiries should be made to Council's Planning, Development and Compliance team to determine whether the lodgement of a Development Application will be necessary.

Complying Development does not require formal development consent, but rather can be undertaken after obtaining a Complying Development Certificate (CDC) from Council or through an Accredited Private Certifier. These developments are generally minor in nature and may include developments such as single storey dwellings, garages, swimming pools etc.

How do I submit an application? Application forms are available from Council's Customer Services Team or can be downloaded by selecting Development Application forms. The application form must also be accompanied by the appropriate documents. These typically include, but are not limited to; a site plan indicating boundary dimensions, the location and uses of existing buildings on the land, the location of the proposed buildings or works, a Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) etc. For full details of what will be required to accompany a Development Application please contact Council's Planning, Development and Compliance team.

Construction Certificates: Before building work can commence, it is necessary to obtain a Construction Certificate from either the Council or an Accredited Certifier.

Building Inspections: Building inspections are required at critical stages of construction to ensure acceptable standards of building work. The conditions of the Development Consent or Complying Development Certificate will specify at what stages of construction these inspections are required.