Building advice

two men and a woman sit at a table looking at building plans

In NSW, only people who hold the required accreditation can perform certification work.

Certification work includes:

  • Construction Certificate applications,
  • Complying Development Certificate applications,
  • Occupation Certificate applications,
  • Acting as Principal Certifying Authority for development,
  • Carrying out critical stage inspections, and
  • Swimming pool compliance inspections/certification.

Council employs Building Surveyors who hold accreditation with the NSW Building Professionals Board. 

Council's Building Surveyors can perform certification work for you within the Broken Hill City Council Local Government Area. 

Alternatively, you can find a private certifier to do the certification work for you. All accredited certifiers are listed on a register on the Building Professionals Board's website.

Building Surveyors working for Council are able to provide advice on how to alter plans and specifications so they will comply with the deemed-to-satisfy provisions of the Building Code of Australia and advise the requirements that need to be met for a particular project.

If you need advice on whether a design will comply with the Building Code of Australia, you can contact Council to arrange a meeting with a building surveyor. Please make sure you explain the kind, size and design of the building proposed as these factors all impact on which part(s) of the Building Code and other legislative instruments are relevant.

Council Building Surveyors cannot propose design options, such as Performance Solutions (previously called Alternative Solutions in the Building Code of Australia) for a project.

If you need help coming up with design options, such as a Performance Solution, you should contact an industry consultant.