Register to attend or speak

Until further notice, those wishing to attend monthly Council Meetings and Public Forum Sessions are required to register their attendance online.

Under COVID-19 regulations, Council can admit a maximum of 10 members of the public and 3 members of the media, to the Council Chambers.


NOTE:  For the conduct of the 27 October 2021 and 24 November 2021 Council Meetings, members of the public wishing to attend must show evidence of receiving 2 doses of a recognised COVID-19 vaccine, at time of entry to the Council Chambers.

Acceptable vaccination status evidence includes:

  1. Australian Government Health Digital Copy of COVID 19 Immunization Certificate.
  2. Hard copy of Australian Government Health COVID 19 Immunization Certificate.
  3. Completed and signed COVID-19 VACCINE MEDICAL CONTRAINDICATION form completed by a register medical professional.  A copy of the form is available below.

All unvaccinated persons cannot attend the Council Meeting in-person, but as an alternative they can watch the Council Meeting which will be Live-streamed via YouTube.  From 1 December 2021 all members of the public (vaccinated and unvaccinated) will be able to attend Council Meetings in-person.



To register to attend a meeting, please click here.

To register to speak at the public forum, please click here.


Council meetings are also streamed online via Council's Facebook.