Wrap of the March Meeting

Published on 26 March 2020

A man sitting at a desk behind a stack of folders


Stimulus sought for Councils

Council called for Federal and State Governments to provide a stimulus package to local Councils to help protect the community from economic fallout. The city has experienced numerous business closures and increased unemployment, and Council itself has had $2 million wiped from its books already due to the virus.

More money for local businesses

Council has enacted several financial changes to ease the financial burden on local businesses and residents. Council staff will now be able to prioritise local businesses and spend up to $5000 locally without having to source multiple quotes as is usually the case. Council will aim for a seven-day turnaround time on creditor payments and has suspended all debt collection and interest on unpaid rates.

Bid to save air travel 

Council has discounted the head tax on REX airlines in an effort to retaining some local air services for essential medical travel. Broken Hill relies heavily on the air route between Broken Hill and Adelaide for medical services, and it is hoped the financial relief will allow REX to keep the Broken Hill-Adelaide route running in some capacity.



Councillor superannuation considered

Councillors and the public are invited to lodge submissions on whether Councillors should receive a 9.5% superannuation contribution on the fees they are paid for their role. Some Councillors felt that the issue shouldn't be currently considered given society's struggles with COVID-19, however it was noted that a deadline had been placed on Councillors by the Office of Local Government for feedback on the matter. Councillors, staff, and members of the public can find information on the matter from page 28 of this month's business papers, and can make a submission via olg@olg.nsw.gov.au

Notices for General Assembly

Council accepted two notices to be tabled at the National General Assembly (NGA) of Local Councils in June. Although the meeting is not going ahead, motions will still be considered by the NGA Executive. Council put forward motions that delegates be able to participate by video link in future meetings, and that the Federal Government investigate development of new electricity infrastructure to cope with the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources across the country.

Asset strategy adopted

Council adopted the new Asset Management Policy, Asset Management Strategy, and Benchmarks For Building Assets Rationalisation. The documents will allow better management of Council assets such as buildings, roads, parks, ovals, and footpaths. The plans will also allow Council to take a pragmatic approach to assets, allowing maintainance of a smaller pool of items to a higher standard, rather than continuing to struggle physically and financially with a large asset base.

Delivery KPI's healthy

Council considered the current Key Performance Indicators for the 2019-21 Delivery program. 71 of the KPIs are on track (90% achieved), 9 need to be monitored (70%-90% achieved), and while 15 are currently off track (less than 70% achieved).

Lamb Oval reverts to Council

The Lamb Oval 355 Committee was disbanded due to inactivity. Management of the oval will now revert to Council until a new committee can be established.



Compactor ordered

Cavpower CAT was awarded the $838,027 contract to supply an articulted landfill compactor which will be used to maintain the city's waste facility.