Roof repairs under way

Published on 08 September 2020


The outdoor pool at the Aquatic Centre will remain closed until late October as work is under way to replace roofing on Council facilities that were damaged in the 2016 hailstorm.

The insurance process has been a lengthy one for Council, with around 40 buildings and numerous fleet and heavy plant sustaining damage.

A $3 million tender was awarded to Joss Facilities Management Pty Ltd in May to complete the works, with the project being overseen by Public Works Advisory.

Council's General Manager, James Roncon, said it was pleasing to get the full replacement schedule under way.

"After the storm hit we made any urgent repairs then set about the task of documenting and lodging claims for all the damage," he said.

"It was a mountain of work and a very complex process, so it's great to now be at the point where work is being completed."

The roof replacement program will be carried out at various sites around the city until late 2021.

Roof replacement is currently underway at the Aquatic Centre, and the outdoor pool will be closed until October 26. Other pools and amenities are unaffected.

Impact on other Council services is expected to be minimal, and Council will notify the public if there is any disruption to services or facility operations.