QR codes for parks, toilets

Published on 24 August 2021

QR codes.jpg

Council will post QR codes at the city's parks and public toilets to assist with contact tracing.

Council's General Manager, Jay Nankivell, said the codes could prove helpful if a playground or toilet becomes an exposure site.

"We know there's some concern around playgrounds and other public spaces, however we don't want to close off these areas given public exercise is still permitted under COVID-19 guidelines," he said.

"We'd just ask everyone to sign in, particularly if using a playground or public toilet.

"We'd also encourage everyone to avoid congregating in public spaces - there's plenty of parks and playgrounds around the city, so please try and spread out where possible."

Mr Nankivell also encouraged locals to remember to mask up to avoid a fine.

"Under current restrictions masks can only be removed in public while undertaking strenuous exercise, and it's something Police can enforce," he said.

"We'd hate to see anyone receive a fine while using our facilities to get a bit of exercise, so please mask up and stay safe.".