Push for travel controls continues

Published on 27 August 2021

Mayor Darriea Turley AM is again lobbying the State Government for stricter travel restrictions in NSW to help control the spread of COVID-19.
Mayor Turley said people moving around the Far West region via buses and private vehicles was of particular concern, and called for the introduction of a regional Travel Permit system similar to the model that was implemented in Greater Sydney.
"We now have six cases in Broken Hill and 59 in Wilcannia,  there's no reason anyone should be undertaking non-essential travel in our region," said Mayor Turley.
"We've heard reports of people travelling in the Far West just to visit family and friends, and we're also still seeing a worrying number of caravans and RVs passing through the city.
"I believe the vast majority of residents are responsible and are staying home, but a Travel Permit system would add significantly more oversight."
Mayor Turley said her stance on limiting travel from infected areas hadn't changed since the outbreak began.
"We pushed hard for travel controls before we had cases in Broken Hill, and we'll keep pushing it for it now," she said.
"Unfortunately it isn't just about stopping people coming out here anymore, this is now about ensuring our residents don't leave our area for non-essential reasons and spread the infection.
"This time around we're the ones with active cases, so we have to all be responsible, avoid all non-essential travel, and keep other regional centres safe."
Mayor Turley also wished to express her gratitude to everyone who is working to contain the virus in Broken Hill and Wilcannia.
"To all the emergency services, health workers, volunteers, community organisations, and everyone in between, I really want to say 'thanks' on behalf of the community."

"You're doing an amazing job under very difficult circumstances, and I know your work is deeply appreciated by everyone in the region."