Chance to strike back at fruit fly

Published on 24 May 2023


Residents will have an ideal chance to significantly reduce in fruit fly numbers in the coming months as the city prepares for winter.


A mild, dry winter is forecast for Broken Hill and much of NSW,  meaning baiting and trapping of fruit fly will prove particularly effective.


The NSW Department of Primary Industries has posted an alert on their website encouraging residents to target the pest where possible.


That message has been echoed by Fruit Fly Control Working Group Chair and Councillor, Ron Page, who urged locals with fruit trees to take action as soon as possible.


"Baiting needs to start to reduce the numbers of fruit fly overwintering as they prepare to breed when the warmer weather arrives," he said.


"We're apparently going to be looking at a mild and dry Winter followed by a hot and dry Summer as weather patterns change.


"That lack of moisture and humidity will help reduce fruit fly numbers in general, and if we can combine these conditions with a concerted baiting and trapping effort across the city we can make real inroads on this problem."


Cr Page said avocadoes, citrus, and loquats were ideal species in which to place traps over the cooler months, although any evergreen trees with large foliage could potentially house fruit fly looking to overwinter.


"It doesn't cost much to buy a trap and hang it in a tree. It's also incredibly easy to make your own," he said.


"If everyone does their bit over the Winter there's going to be far less fruit fly breeding once Spring rolls around. We can put a real dent in the population before the weather heats up."


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