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Broken Hill will be a vibrant, prosperous and culturally rich Heritage City shared with visitors from around the world. Council will provide high quality services and leadership to enhance community living and facilitate a prosperous economy.


Silver City Show
28 June 2017

Council will inject an extra $30,000 into community groups and events after Councillors...

27 June 2017

Local kids will be racing robots and building solar-powered plant watering sensors as part...

Money in a suitcase
21 June 2017

Are you planning an event that will benefit Broken Hill?

Vae Victis being moved
19 June 2017

One of the city's most recognisable artworks, Arthur Hacker's 'Vae Victis', is set to be...

Shorty to remain a senior living centre

Shorty O'Neil Village is set to remain a centre for the city's aged residents after it was sold to senior community living specialists, Eureka Group Holdings Limited.

Contracts were signed and exchanged at a price of $1,155,000 (inc. GST) on August 30, with settlement expected to occur on December 20.

Councillors voted to sell the Village in 2015, and responsibility for the sale was recently delegated to Council's General Manager, James Roncon.

Dream Merchant: An Impossible Dream

Ravishing pint-sized techno songstress, LaDonna Rama forges a polymorphous path through Sydney's queer club and performance art scene. With her kooky pop posturing and menacing disco grooves, her debut self-titled release fuses a heady combination of dark experimental house, campy techno, new wave and perverted pop. For the Dream Merchant opening at Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery as part of the Broken Heel Festival, LaDonna Rama will perform a live set of her music. the performance will use tracks accompanied by live singing and choreography.

You and Me

Following his Thursday night performance for the Broken Heel Festival join Liam Benson for "You and Me", a participatory performance artwork that acknowledges Australia's Aboriginal history and present through sequin embroidery. Audience members are invited to work collaboratively with Liam, where participants can learn how to sew sequins whilst acknowledging country through a map depicting the diverse language groups of First Nation Australians.

Headdresses and Fun Accessories!

In conjunction with the Broken Heel Festival, the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery presents Dream Merchant artists Liam Benson and Naomi Oliver who, inside the Gallery's Workshop Shed, will teach you how to design and create your own fabulous headdresses and accessories using sequins, glitter and feathers. Workshop for ages 6 and up.

Limited places, bookings are essential.

Community input sought on truck wash

Picture of a truck

Community input is being sought by Council and Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for the establishment of a truck wash in Broken Hill.

Truck washes play an important role in vehicle productivity and maintenance, as well as an important role in protecting NSW’s biosecurity.

Under the 'Fixing Country Truck Washes' program, the NSW Government and Australian Government will each contribute $5 million over the next two years to provide co-funding for new and existing truck washes.

The Visit

Not now! It's Christmas!

Jesus turns up in the Vicar's parish and stays for Christmas! Adapted from a short story by Adrian Plass.

Bishop Rob Gillion in his one-man show. Directed by Janine Gillion.

Tickets available at he Musicians Club

Exhibition | Folded Lines - Remnim Alexander Tayco

Folded Lines is a series of works that juxtapose elements of a traditional landscape with angular geometric forms. Using a linear perspective grid, simple plotted lines become a mass of three dimensional shapes, enhancing the illusion of depth and space. In contrast, the enclosure of the landscape on a platform or in a viewing window creates a sense of density and confinement. The combination of visually discordant elements invoke a dichotomy of conflicting senses; tranquil yet agitated, surreal but familiar, meditative then energetic.

Upcoming Events

LifeLine Broken Hill Art Exhibition 2017

30 June 2017

Broken Hill is the only place in NSW where the game of Two-up can...