Welcome to Broken Hill City Council

Broken Hill will be a safe, vibrant, prosperous and culturally rich city achieved through community leadership and sustainable management. Council will provide responsive community leadership and high quality services in a sustainable manner to maintain and enhance Broken Hill’s lifestyle.


25 July 2016

Council recently applied for the Fixing Country Roads grant funding and were successful to...

boxing placard - round two
13 July 2016

Eleven (11) community, sporting and cultural not-for-profit organizations have been...

Australian flag against a backdrop of gum trees and blue sky
11 July 2016

Broken Hill will welcome eight new citizens at a citizenship ceremony on Wednesday, July 13...

7 July 2016

The City’s volunteers will take centre stage at the Annual Volunteer Awards Night to be held...

The Visit

Not now! It's Christmas!

Jesus turns up in the Vicar's parish and stays for Christmas! Adapted from a short story by Adrian Plass.

Bishop Rob Gillion in his one-man show. Directed by Janine Gillion.

Tickets available at he Musicians Club

Exhibition | Folded Lines - Remnim Alexander Tayco

Folded Lines is a series of works that juxtapose elements of a traditional landscape with angular geometric forms. Using a linear perspective grid, simple plotted lines become a mass of three dimensional shapes, enhancing the illusion of depth and space. In contrast, the enclosure of the landscape on a platform or in a viewing window creates a sense of density and confinement. The combination of visually discordant elements invoke a dichotomy of conflicting senses; tranquil yet agitated, surreal but familiar, meditative then energetic.

Upcoming Events

Baby Bounce
26 July 2016

Baby Bounce is a fun mix of songs, nursery rhymes, actions and...

29 July 2016

Broken Hill is the only place in NSW where the game of Two-up can...