Welcome to Broken Hill City Council

Broken Hill will be a safe, vibrant, prosperous and culturally rich City achieved through community leadership and sustainable management. Council will provide responsive community leadership and high quality services in a sustainable manner to maintain and enhance Broken Hill’s lifestyle.


8 October 2015

With more than 70 responses already received Councillors and staff will be out and about seeking further community input into a parking survey which will assist in developing a draft parking strate

Dare we say it? It’s time to prepare for Christmas
6 October 2015

It is that time of the year when preparations ramp up for one of the biggest and best community events on the calendar - the 2015 Broken Hill City Council and Rotary Club of Broken Hill South Chris

2 October 2015

Minister for Primary Industries, Lands and Water Niall Blair announced he would attend a community information session in Broken Hill to outline the long-term solutions to secure the region’s water

2 October 2015

Broken Hill City Council will request to appear before a Select Committee for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan when it holds a public hearing in the city.

Woven Worlds: Ten years of ‘en plein air’ tapestries

Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka, 2011, 10.5 x 19 cm

Broken Hill Regional Gallery is proud to present Woven Worlds: Ten years of ‘en plein air’ tapestries,
an exhibition of exquisite and finely woven landscape tapestries by Cresside Collette.
The exhibition will open Friday night, 24 July.
Comprising twenty-five small-scale tapestries, the exhibition celebrates the artist’s decade long
journey refining a method of tapestry weaving inspired by the Impressionist tradition of painting
outdoors in the open air or en plein air.

Council seeks to recover rates

Broken Hill City Council will look to recover some $700,000 in unpaid rates through the sale of land.

Mayor Wincen Cuy said it was a last resort by Council in an attempt to recover the unpaid money.
“Council has made numerous efforts to contact owners to give them the opportunity to make payment arrangements. These efforts have failed and as a last resort Council has approved to sell identified properties for unpaid rates and charges.” Mayor Cuy said.