Sundown Trail

Outcrop along the Sundown Trail

The Sundown Nature Trail is part of the Living Desert State Park but unlike the rest of the park it's free of charge and not accessible from the Nine Mile Road. To access the Sundown Trail follow the Silver City Highway towards Tibooburra for 10km.  The turnoff is signposted and is located just before Lawrence Engineering’s large shed. The trail is accessible 24/7 but please close the gate behind you. Follow the 2.2km graded track to a car park at the beginning of the trail. 

The walk is at its best in the hours immediately before sunset or just after sunrise.  The trail is a 2.8km long loop and takes approximately 1 hour to complete.  The terrain is hilly and rocky and is suitable for people with moderate levels of fitness.  The walk is suitable for children over 7 if accompanied by an adult. 

Although close to town, it is still the outback.  Do not attempt the walk during the middle of a hot day in summer.  Take your own water and supplies.  Wear strong shoes.  Hiking poles are recommended. Dogs can be taken on the trail but should be kept on a leash to protect wildlife.



Advisory Notice:
Personal Safety Precautions: Wear secure walking shoes. Dress to suit weather conditions. Carry water in hot weather.
Environmental Protection: Remain on walking tracks at all times. Do not disturb the natural features of the environment.
Skill and Fitness Levels Required: Users need no bush walking experience and are responsible for their own safety.
Specific Conditions: Users may encounter natural hazards such as steep slopes, unstable surfaces and minor water crossings. Users can expect opportunities for solitude with few encounters with others.

Descriptive Notice:
Track Rating: Classification 4
Type of Track: Loop-return
Effect of Weather Conditions: Sections of the track may be slippery under foot when wet
Opening and Closing Hours: Track is open seven days per week, there are no open and closing times.
Distance to Designated Point: Approximately 3 km - return
Estimated Completion Time: Approximately 1 hour to walk