Silent Book Club

Launching Thursday 9th January!


Silent book club (sbc) is akin to happy hour for introverts. It is a guilt-free way to block out time in your schedule to do nothing but read in companionable silence.

Of course, there is time for socialising if you so wish, as the silent reading time is sandwiched between dedicated time to chat about what you're reading, favourite and not-so authors, books or simply enjoy the company. Unlike traditional book clubs, everyone reads according to their own taste, this is a great way to discover new authors and spur conversation!

Alternatively, we have sourced a small selection of book club kits enabling people to read the same book and discuss.


From 5.15pm - 5.30pm drop in grab a drink, some nibbles, share what you're reading if you wish and get settled.

Bell chimes at 5.30pm indicating silent reading time is commencing

Enjoy your dedicated silent reading time for an hour - no sharing those excellent quotes until the bell rings again!

Bell chimes at 6.30pm indicating silent reading is finished

Share a passage that resonated, feelings or thoughts that surfaced from what you've just read, listen to the discussion or head home and cook dinner, it's up to you!

At 7pm Silent book club evening concludes with the drawing of a random door prize.

Light refreshments provided.


Held every second Thursday of the month
Scheduled dates are 9th January, 13th February, 12th March, 9th April, 14th May, 11th June

Shelf of books with graphic wording 'READ' in front of them


Book club kits available for loan;

Australia Day by Melanie Cheng

Daughter of the territory by Jacqueline Hammer

Fierce kingdom by Gin Philips

Flesh wounds by Richard Glover

Go set a watchman by Harper Lee

An isolated incident by Emily Maguire

Karolina's twins by Ronald Balson

Miss Treadway and the field of stars by Miranda Emmerson

Last man in Europe by Dennis Glover

Stella and Margie by Glenna Thomson

Watching you by Michael Robotham

We need to talk about Kevin by Lionel Shriver