Library and Information Week

Library and Information week is a little different this year with our current lifestyle restrictions. 

However, in line with the theme of create we will be sharing online alternatives!

LIW 2020 webpage banner.jpg



To align with the theme we've created digital jigsaw puzzles from photographs found in the archives!

Broken Hill street map 

Town hall and Post office

Stephens creek

Staff at private hospital

Tom Mann addressing a crowd

There's also a Library and Information week themed puzzle


National Simultaneous Storytime

Every year libraries, schools and bookstores join in at the same time to read the same book in celebration of Australian children's authors and literature.

The chosen book this year is Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas, written and illustrated by Lucinda Gifford

"Whitney and Britney are two gorgeous chooks who live alongside Dora von Dooze. But Dora is perplexed - why do her dear chickens seem to sleep all day long? Dora decides to snoop. She follows the chooks out at night to the local jazz club where she discovers, to her amazement, that they are Whitney and Britney: Chicken Divas!"

NSS 2020 Webpage banner_virtual_800w.jpg

Watch Emma Watkins from The Wiggles read for National Simultaneous Storytime on Story Box Library

Play School is also taking part in the National Simultaneous Storytime 2020. Join Denise Scott on Wednesday 27 May at 11.00am on ABC Kids and ABC Kids iview as she reads from the Play School Story Time couch.



Printable kids activities

Five pages with tiara, word search and more(PDF, 1MB)

Colouring in pages(PDF, 2MB)