Code Club

Code Club is a fun free multi-session program introducing children to basic coding.
Understanding basic coding enables children to not just enjoy their technology but create with it!

This short program is designed for ages 8-12 and is designed for attendance at each session.

Debug definition 'to find and fix errors in the app' with cartoon bug


Program schedule

Scratch coding basics

We're starting Code Club with some hands on practical activities to learn the basics of computational thinking!
Activities include coding a human and non-human robot, which require logic, patterns, and collaboration.
Finishing up with a look at Busy Code to help with basic coding knowledge and the scratch tutorial

Coding games

Get started coding by making music, animating a word, making a sprite talk.

Coding games

Make a clicker and chase game and we may have time to animate your own adventure game


Create your own animated story


Relaunching in 2020

Code Club has limited places, secure your spot!

Minimum four participants.