2Write Competition

What is 2write?

2 Write is an illustrated story competition that is for two people to collaborate, create and complete a book.

It has been developed by the Broken Hill City Library, Under the Silver Tree Cooperative Bookshop and West Darling Arts.

One of the two collaborators must be 17 years old or younger. The other entrant can be any age.

At least one of the entrants must live in the Far West NSW region.

There is no set role for each entrant – for example one person may write a story, the other illustrate, or both can write, and illustrate and so on. Let us know on the entry form below.

The submitted work can be in the form of writing and illustration or it can be just illustrated. It just needs to tell a story.

The story can be a poem, fiction or nonfiction. However, it must be original, although fan fiction or original retellings of a story are welcome!

There is no word limit, but the work will need to have a minimum of 5 illustrations.

The book can take any physical form, but for ease of display will need to have the pages put together in some way.
Digital entries are welcome.

If you are stuck for ideas or need somewhere to work, the Broken Hill City Library will be conducting workshops during January to help get the creative neurons flowing.

The prizes will have a local focus.


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Important dates

The workshops at the Broken Hill City Library will be on Saturday 18th January 11am – 12.30pm and Saturday 25th January 11am – 12.30pm, no bookings are required.

Competition entries will need to be submitted to the Broken Hill City Library or Under the Silver Tree by 5pm Monday 10th February by hand, email or uploaded with the entry form.

Works will be on display at the Broken Hill City Library for two weeks and can be voted on by the public via the people's choice submission.

Winners will be announced on Monday 24th February at 4 pm.


Judging of the competition will be by blind judging (the judges will not know who submitted the works) and the decisions agreed upon are final.

Prize categories include;

People’s choice; resulting from the submissions gathered whilst the works were on public display.

Industry choice (Librarian and Bookshop director)

Young person's choice.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I submit a comic or graphic novel? Absolutely!
  • Can I submit a story without words? Yes, there are some great examples of these that tell beautiful stories with only illustrations.
  • By hand or computer? Your choice! Your submission can be done by hand, digital, or a combination.
  • How many times can I enter? Up to you! You can submit as many entries as you like with the same collaborator or a new one.
  • What if I don't have a computer? The Broken Hill City Library is open six days a week and provides free computer access, your submission can be done by hand as well.
  • What if I don't have anyone to collaborate with? You can get creative! You could style it like an interview and write and illustrate their response.
  • I'm stuck for ideas! Can someone help? You can come to one of the workshops at the library where there will be ideas and prompters!


Further questions


Jean Farry via email underthesilvertree@gmail.com

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