WeirDo by Anh Do

WeirDo by Anh Do

Front cover of WeirdDo by Anh Do

Book reviewed by Fallon Spangler.

 Weir is the new kid in school, his introduction in front of the class had his teacher in fits of laughter because his last name is Do, that’s right his name is WeirDo. He’s a little bit weird in character and not just in name, but that’s okay because we all have our own little quirks. School issues, unique family characters, fart jokes and lots of laughs!

Filled with humorous illustrations and antics this is perfect for young readers and those who are little reluctant to read will enjoy this one! The best thing about picking this book up now is knowing there is another nine in the chapter to read; I read this book with my stepson and we can’t wait to continue number two!

Watch Anh Do talking about the book for an inside look!




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