For the most up to date information on road conditions for the Far West and Unincorporated Areas, please visit Live Traffic NSW or phone the NSW Traffic Information Line Monday to Friday between 8am and 3:30pm on 08 8082 6699  or the 24 hour pre-recorded road condition broadcast number on 08 8082 6660.

Alternatively you can email the Broken Hill Visitor Information Centre at or call 08 8080 3560.

The Far West Roads and the Far West Unincorporated Road networks connect with other Shires, for information on road closures in these surrounding areas please visit the Wentworth Shire Council,  Central Darling Shire Council, Bourke Shire Council, Bulloo Shire Council, or the Cobar Shire Council websites.

Below is a map and a list advising of the sealed and unsealed road networks in the Far West and Unincorporated Area

Sealed and Unsealed Road Map.PNG

 State Highways

Road  Description Comments


Barrier Highway - Broken Hill to Wilcannia   Sealed
 HW08 Barrier Highway - Broken Hill to Cockburn (SA)  Sealed
 HW22 Silver City Highway - Broken Hill to Wentworth Sealed
  HW22  Silver City Highway - Broken Hill to Packsaddle  Sealed 
  HW22  Silver City Highway - Packsaddle to Tibooburra  Sealed
  HW22  Silver City Highway - Tibooburra to Warri Gate  Sealed


Regional Roads

Road Description Comments
 MR405  The Cut Line (Tibooburra to Borrona Downs)  Unsealed
 MR405  The Cut Line (Borrona Downs to Wanaaring)  Unsealed
 MR428  Mutawintji Road (Silver City Highway to Mutawintji NP)  Unsealed
 MR428  Mutawintji Road (Mutawintji NP to White Cliffs)  Unsealed
 MR66  Menindee Road (Broken Hill to Menindee)  Sealed
 MR81  Silverton Road  Sealed


Local Roads

Roads Description  Comments
UR01  Loch Lilly Road  Unsealed
 UR03  Nine Mile Road (unsealed section only)  Unsealed
 UR04  Wilangee Road  Unsealed
 UR05  Corona Road (Yanco Glen to Teilta)  Unsealed
UR05  Corona Road (Teilta to Westwood Downs)  Unsealed
 UR05  Westwood Downs to Border Downs Road (via Sanpah)  Unsealed
 UR05  Border Downs Road (Border Downs to Hawker Gate)  Unsealed
 UR05  Hawker Gate Road (Hawker Gate to Yandama)  Unsealed
 UR05  Waka Road (Yandama to Waka)  Unsealed
 UR06  The Veldt to Milparinka Road  Unsealed
 UR07  Mount Arrowsmith Road  Unsealed
 UR08  Cameron Corner Road (Tibooburra to Fortville Gate)  Unsealed
 UR09  Toona Gate Road  Unsealed
 UR10  Wompah Gate Road  Unsealed
 UR11  Narriearra Road  Unsealed
 UR14  Monolon to Borrona Downs Road  Unsealed
 UR15  Henry Roberts Road (White Cliffs to Tibooburra) Unsealed
 UR16  Nundora to Petita Road Unsealed
 UR18  Old Pooncarie Road (Coona Pt to Bindara Road) Unsealed
 UR19  Day Dream Mine Road Unsealed
 UR20  Stephens Creek Reservoir Road Sealed
 UR21  Mutawintji National Park Road Unsealed
 UR23  Mulga Valley to Cobham Road Unsealed
 UR26  The Veldt to Westwood Downs Road Unsealed
 UR31  Hamilton Gate Road Unsealed
 UR33  Netley Road Unsealed
 UR34  Tandou Road Unsealed
 UR35  Fowlers Gap to Teilta Road Unsealed
 UR35  Teilta to Border Downs Road (via Pine View) Unsealed
 UR36  Mount Woowoolahra Road Unsealed
 UR37  Noonamah to Urisino Road Unsealed
 UR39  Willara Crossing Road Unsealed
 UR40  Waterbag Road Unsealed
 UR42  Milparinka to Yandama Road Unsealed
 UR43  Nuntherungie to Kayrunnera Road Unsealed
 UR46  Poole's Grave Road Unsealed
 UR47  Gum Vale to Hewart Downs Road Unsealed
 UR49  Wanaaring to Wilcannia Road (North Section) Unsealed


National Parks

National Parks - for fire, flood and park closure information for all NSW National Parks visit the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Services website

Kinchega, Sturt, Mutawintji and Paroo Darling National Park - for current road conditions click here

Mungo National Park - For current road conditions click here