Marion Browne



Cr Browne is an experienced community representative having served on Council from 1983 - 2004 and then again from 2009-current. 

Cr Browne is also the Chairperson of Far West HACC Services Inc and Chairperson of West State Training Inc.


History and interests:

• Robinson College Management Board current member

• Far West Regional Development Board past member

• Membership of a range of Council and community committees


Key Issues:

Education and training, regional development, community development, capacity building.


Section 355 and other Committees:

Our Community, Our Services, Our Economy, Our Environment (Chairperson), Australia Day Advisory Committee, Broken Hill Lead Reference Group, Broken Hill City Council Constitutional Recognition of Local Government, Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery Advisory Committee, Broken Hill Tourism Advisory Group, Friends of the Flora and Fauna of the Barrier Ranges Committee, Riddiford Arboretum Community Committee, Menindee Lakes Wetlands Project (RAMSAR) interim steering Committee, Murray Darling Association, Community Development Support Expenditure Scheme (CDSE), General Manager's Performance Review Committee, Water Resources Working Group, Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) Proposed National Heritage Listing - Council Consultation Representative, National Parks and Wildlife Service Far West Regional Consultative Committee, Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), University Partnership Working Part, Integrated Waste Management Working Group.