Your Broken Hill 2040 CSP



What is the Community Strategic Plan (CSP)?

The Community Strategic Plan or 'CSP' is a high-level plan informed by the people of Broken Hill to chart a course for the city's future. Through the 'Your Broken Hill 2040' engagement process, we are encouraging people to tell us their priorities and aspirations for the city over the next 20 years, and what changes and improvements they would like to see occur in that time.

Why should I care? What's in it for me?

By participating the CSP engagement process you help guide the direction of your home town. People often feel they have no say in the direction of Broken Hill, but the CSP represents the highest level of strategic planning undertaken in most communities, and input into the plan is vital if residents want their views to be reflected in the final document.

Why bother? I don't think Council listens anyway.

The Community Strategic Plan is NOT a Council plan. Although Council is charged with the duty of compiling the plan, the document itself ultimately belongs to the people of Broken Hill. Council is merely the facilitating body in this process. All input collected during the engagement process will be collated by an independent third party in Blackadder Associates.

Ok , so how can I take part?

Invitations will be sent to representatives across key community sectors inviting representatives to take part in targeted workshops in March. These sectors include business and tourism, education, health, environment, indigenous, youth, arts, and many more. There will also be two workshops for the general public at the Civic Centre (March 5, 8.45am and 6pm), public pop up sessions in late March, and an online form to provide feedback which will go live on March 30.

When and where are the pop up sessions?

A series of pop up engagement sessions will be conducted across the city in late March, culminating with a free BBQ in Patton Park on March 28. A full list of pop-up locations will be made public when venues are confirmed.

How will the plan be used?

The plan can be used by organisations across all sectors to gauge the priorities and aspirations of the community and tailor their operations to suit. At a Council level the CSP is used to inform our Delivery Plan and Operational Plan, which determine what works and services we deliver, and what significant projects and milestones we work toward.

When will the plan be completed?

A draft plan will be compiled in the lead-up to the 2020 Local Government election, and further engagement will be held with the newly elected Council to gather their feedback before a final plan goes before Council in late 2020.