Heritage Highlights - AR Code Experience

Broken Hill City Council has introduced Heritage Highlights AR (Augmented Reality) code experience in 2022 Heritage Festival. 

This will be an ongoing project throughout for an extra experience whilst exploring our fine town of Broken Hill. 

The public are now able to engage more with being able to delightful engaged in viewing a joyous experience of some of our most beloved painted murals around Broken Hill. 

You simply need a smart phone , open your camera app and hover the AR scanning code across until the indication link presents itself to take you to your digital experience. 

The digital experiences'  are currently situated at 3 of the colourful , vibrant murals on the Centre for Community ( 200 Beryl Street, Broken Hill , NSW , 2880) & Broken Hill [Railway] Station ( Crystal Street, Broken Hill , NSW , 2880  ).

All murals in both locations are by ex local artist Geoff DeMain. 

Photos of the interactive murals COMING SOON.....



















































































































Collage QR code experience for heritage festival